All About Annie

Hello there – this is me!

Here are just a few wee notes about yours truly:

I live on a farm in the wilds of Sussex and write romance novels for Mills & Boon/Harlequin Medical Romances. Cows, AmDram and looooooong, lazy, lunches are my thing and all the rest of the time is filled with books (every size, shape and genre). 

These are a few of my favourite things:

Dogs (big ones)

Hot Tamales

Licking the spoon when I make meringues (which is never ever often enough)

My mum's strawberry pie (giddy making)

books, books, books, books, books (you get the drift)

Going to author readings at bookstores


(all except scary)

Strictly Ballroom

(it's the film I watched whilst getting ready for my wedding)


Watching YouTube videos (I know, I know) that make your heart swell with joy at how GREAT people are

Beautiful sounds

Clean beds (ooooo - I love me a well made bed!)

My goddaughter's drawing of a bunny riding a unicorn (it's a classic)

Sitting at a cafe and making up stories about everyone else

Finishing a run even though I will never, in my wildest dreams be what is deemed a 'pretty' runner


(I just can't get enough of it)

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