One Night, Twin Consequences

When Matteo Torres invites Harriet Monticello to work with orphans in Buenos Aires how can she refuse?  Even if she is wary of this irresistible and off-limits doc! Their chemistry combusts before they even leave, and the shy nurse finds herself agreeing to one reckless night with Matteo…

Now, pregnant with twins, Harriet has nine months to melt this brooding doctor’s heart!

Twin Surprise for the Single Doc
In labour, trapped in a lift, Claudia Monticello grips Patrick Spencer’s hand. Abandoned by her babies’ father, she must rely on this handsome stranger’s kindness to deliver her twins! While this former obstetrician has vowed never to love again, as he holds Claudia’s adorable babies in his arms Patrick finds he can’t just walk away…
The Monticello Baby Miracles
Double bundles of joy!

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